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What is Myotherapy?

What is myotherapy and how does it differ from physiotherapy and chiropractic?

Discover what myotherapy actually is and how our treatments differ from physiotherapy and chiropractic treatments.

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3 tips to incorporate more vegetables into your diet

Discover 3 easy ways to increase your vegetable consumption and reap the health benefits.

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Massage for Triathletes

Here, we answer the most commonly asked questions about how sports massage can help triathletes be at the top of their game.

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Ice Berg

Commonly asked questions about remedial massage and myotherapy

At Muscle Freedom, we strive to provide the most professional service possible and keep you informed. Here¬†are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive: 1) Should I come to my treatment if I am unwell? No, for several reasons.¬†Firstly, when you have a remedial massage or myotherapy treatment, it often […]

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Sadie Carr

Crossing the English Channel by Carr

Muscle Freedom are extremely proud of our client, Sadie Carr, who is gearing up to cross the English Channel.

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