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Get to know Michael

Our new Black Rock therapist, Michael Martinovic, has hit the ground running and we are receiving some excellent feedback about his treatments. Here, we get to know a bit more about him.

What’s your professional background?

Muscle Freedom remedial massage therapist Michael Martinovic

Muscle Freedom remedial massage therapist Michael Martinovic

I studied a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Management at the University of Technology Sydney, followed by a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy at the Australian Institute of Fitness (which also comes with the Certificate IV in Massage Therapy) to become a qualified Remedial Massage therapist, Functional Movement Therapist and Sports Trainer. I am currently completing a Personal Training course as well to work more closely with my clients. I have been training a few athletes here and there.

In the future, I plan to finish my Masters of Physiotherapy. I am really passionate about expanding my knowledge and professional development.

Back in Sydney, I rented a space out of a gym and ran my own show there. A great experience in running a business as well as trying to focus on giving 100% in treatments. The owner there was pretty cool and I could use the gym floor for rehabilitation. A lot of professional body builders, rugby players, footballers – a few guys who play A League were coming to see me – and then the general gym goers as well.

What do you love about your work?

It’s always different. It’s not the same 9am to 5pm day at a desk.

We do get a lot of common injuries but every person you meet has a different story of their own. You get to know every single client pretty well.

The thing I love the most is that with this industry, you can still have a laugh while being professional. You can be human. We don’t have to be robots.

I love getting to know people and seeing them on their journey to recovery, whether in a sporting environment or general day-to-day life.

What does a treatment entail?

We run through the general consultation initially, understanding client history. Not just what pain they have now, but the pain they’ve had previously. I then go through my own assessment of movement, such as their gait cycle and even assess how the client feels during movement. Simply put, just kind of testing what stage they’re at.

Then we make a plan of how we can improve that, not just in the treatment room but also outside of that. There’s probably a little bit of pain involved in treatments, but that’s all aimed at decreasing pain later on. We have to get deep into the source of pain.

I have a range of modalities. I love incorporating cupping as well as other techniques. I do my best to fit in as much as we can, however, I give everyone a bit of homework or exercise prescription to do. I believe you’re only going to get better if you do the work as well.

What’s your speciality?

Being a footballer, I love working with athletes and gym goers with leg and hip problems. There are a lot of injuries that can stem from the legs and the rest of the body and make day-to -day living a pain. A deep tissue treatment is always a go-to if suitable.

What are you most likely to discuss during a treatment?

Depending on the client it can be a range of things, from sport to a client’s work or just everyday life. I always have a good laugh with the client and it takes their mind away from their stresses and the pain they’re going through in the treatment.

Secret vice?

Frozen yoghurt.

Hobbies outside work?

Football (soccer) mainly. That’s the reason I moved to Melbourne from Sydney – I play national premier league for Dandenong City Soccer Club. Last year I coached the U13s.

I also enjoy going to the gym and the simple things in life.

I’m really enjoying Melbourne. I’m a big foodie and I love trying new places to eat.

Like to make an appointment?

Michael is available on Tuesdays, Fridays and alternate weekends.

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