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During your massage treatment, your myotherapist or remedial massage therapist will make an assessment about how best to accommodate your needs. We draw on our extensive professional experience to offer expert advice about the techniques that will work best for you. These may include deep-tissue massage, dry needling, sports massage, myofascial cupping, trigger-point therapy, and rocktaping, or a combination of any of the above. To experience the best massage in Bayside, please get in touch!

For a more detailed description of each treatment, please click on the links below.

Remedial Massage

Discover how remedial massage therapy treats muscular problems, improves overall health and prevents future injury.

Myotherapy Treatment

Find out how myotherapy improves a range of musculoskeletal conditions, alleviates pain and enhances mobility.

Pregnancy Massage

Our therapists are professionally trained in pregnancy massage and treat common muscular issues faced by expectant mothers.

Deep Tissue Massage

Discover how our deep-tissue massage releases tight layers of muscle and tissue using firm pressure.

Dry Needling

Often used in conjunction with remedial massage, dry needling releases trigger-point tightness.

Myofascial Cupping

Find out how this ancient Chinese remedy improves blood supply, increases mobility and speeds healing.

Sports Massage

We specialise in treating sports-related injuries and helping to prevent future injury using a range of techniques.

Trigger Point Therapy

Discover how tigger points can cause referred pain in other areas of your body, and how we can help.

RockTape Treatment

Find out how this incredible invention, which mimics human skin, relieves strained, torn or weakened muscles.

Massage for Triathletes

We offer sports massage treatments specifically designed to treat the common issues faced by triathletes.

Massage for Swimmers

Help improve your performance and prevent injury with our customised massage for swimmers.

Massage for Runners

Discover how remedial massage can improve your circulation, range of motion, body awareness, and so much more!

Massage for Golfers

Swing into action, improve blood flow for recovery and increase your range of motion with one of our massage for golfers.

Massage for Cyclists

Learn how our sports massages can treat common muscular issues faced by cyclists and enhance performance.