Dry Needling

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What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling involves inserting a hair fine, single use sterile needle, (acupuncture needle) into a Trigger Point. It has been found in many research studies to be extremely effective in releasing the pain and tightness associated in trigger points. Dry Needling may also strengthen tendons and ligaments by inducing a local inflammatory response to the disturbed tissue.

What conditions can it treat?

It can help with all types of muscle injuries from tennis elbow, tension headaches and sciatica. By combining Dry Needling with Remedial Massage your therapist has the best opportunity to relieve and treat your soft tissue injury.

What should I expect during Dry Needling?

Most patients who experience Dry Needling for the first time are surprised with the little sensation you feel when the needle is inserted. When the needle hits the trigger point you may feel a twitch known as the “local twitch response”. Others may feel a deep aching or burning sensation or it may feel like the muscle has tightened or “cramped”. Referred pain is another common phenomena, as every trigger point has a common referral zone, often quite far from the actual trigger point. If a strong referral sensation occurs don’t panic, this is a good sign that the needle is doing its job.