Tim helps seniors regain their mobility and confidence

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Tim helps seniors regain their mobility and confidence

Chatting to Muscle Freedom sports therapist Tim Webber, his passion for helping seniors to live the life they want is palpable.

Tim Webber Sports Therapist

Tim Webber Sports Therapist

For the past couple of years, Tim has taken a special interest in treating people who are approaching retirement age and helping them to continue living the life they want.

For some, it might be playing with their grandkids, going for a hike or just doing the activities they love to do. For others, it may be having the confidence to travel, or simply to move freely.

“No one should feel that because they’re getting older, they can’t continue to do the activities that bring them joy,” says Tim.

“What actually inspired me is that I want my own parents, who are in their early 70s, to remain independent their whole lives. I don’t want to see them in a nursing home after seeing how hard it was for my grandpa when he went into full-time care.”

With an advanced diploma in sports therapy and additional training in corrective exercise, Tim is the right person for the job.

“My goal is to encourage people to have a happy and healthy retirement,” he says.

So, what can you expect at one of Tim’s treatments?

Tim uses a range of techniques to help clients move better.

During the treatment, Tim will talk through any issues you are experiencing and any movements or activities that aren’t working quite as well as you’d like.

This could be followed by remedial massage, as well as corrective exercises in the Muscle Freedom gym, depending on what your body needs. Tim can also recommend gentle movements to lubricate the joints and get them moving and feeling better.

For any lingering issues, Tim will devise an exercise program and work with you to achieve your goals.

“It’s a bit of everything, just generally improving movement, how joints move, muscle flexibility, coordination and strength,” says Tim.

“If you’re stiff, we will work on that, if you need more strength, we will work on that. It’s a holistic approach to moving better.”

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Tim is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at Muscle Freedom Black Rock.

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