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Top 5 foods to boost your immune system

A healthy body is dependent on a healthy immune system. With winter on our doorstep, now is the time to give your immune system a kickstart by incorporating immune-boosting foods into your diet. Here, we list the top 5 foods you should be consuming this winter to stay well. Bon appetit! 1) Garlic Avoid this […]

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7 ways to boost your lymphatic system

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to start taking care of yourself so that you can ward off illness such as the common cold and flu. One way of doing so is to reboot your lymphatic system, which is responsible for transporting toxins and waste out of your cells. Here are 7 ways you can […]

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Bite a Lemon

Win a free remedial massage at Muscle Freedom

Muscle Freedom is turning two and to celebrate, we are offering two free one-hour massages, valued at $85 each. It’s super easy to enter and all you need is a pinch of brainpower and a dash of creativity. What’s involved? 1)    Head to the Muscle Freedom Facebook page. 2)    In 30 words or less, tell us why […]

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The 3 most common muscular issues remedial massage therapists treat

The human body has a miraculous ability to repair itself, but many of the muscular complaints we see at Muscle Freedom can actually be avoided with simple preventative measures. Here, we list the 3 most common muscular issues we treat and the steps to avoid them: 1) Forward Head Carriage This is a common condition whereby people […]

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