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The dietary supplement that works wonders

While this blog may sound like a shameless sales pitch, I genuinely believe in the benefits of OPC-3. As a business owner, I don’t like to shove products down my clients’ throats or coerce them into buying anything. However, I do believe in passing on the good word when I come across a product that […]

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Body in Peak Condition

5 reasons why regular remedial massage is a great investment

The benefits of remedial massage therapy have been well documented over the centuries. Heck, even that saucy minx, Cleopatra, was reaping the rewards of massage all those thousands of years ago (the Egyptians believed it healed ailments). Nowadays, people are increasingly strapped for time, and need a gentle reminder ever so often as to why […]

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Remedial Massage

How often should you have a remedial massage?

One of the most common questions I hear at the Muscle Freedom clinic is how often should you receive a remedial massage?  This is a difficult question to answer in that it depends on each individual’s lifestyle, exercise routine and work habits. For example, clients who spend large periods of time on a computer and […]

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Is your pillow allowing you to get the full benefit out of your remedial massage?

To keep with the theme of the last blog, I wanted to talk about the importance of choosing the right pillow to support your neck. Since I was professionally fitted for my pillow 12 years ago, I’ve realized the importance of checking my client’s pillows, especially if they are suffering from neck or shoulder pain. […]

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Ergonomic Work Setup

Why having an ergonomic setup at work is important for your muscles

Over the last few months I have noticed a recurring theme of people coming in with workplace-related muscle strain. Having the correct setup at work in terms of ergonomics is extremely important, and can save you a lot of money on healthcare in the long run. Maintaining correct posture at a computer minimises stress on the […]

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