How often should you have a remedial massage?

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Remedial Massage

How often should you have a remedial massage?

One of the most common questions I hear at the Muscle Freedom clinic is how often should you receive a remedial massage? ¬†This is a difficult question to answer in that it depends on each individual’s lifestyle, exercise routine and work habits. For example, clients who spend large periods of time on a computer and do very little exercise will need more treatment because their muscles have been largely stagnant. This causes the muscles to tighten, and regular remedial massage can help reverse that effect.

Someone who has an active job, exercises and stretches regularly will need a lot less treatment because their muscles are constantly moving. This allows their muscles to move as they were designed and not be stuck in a static position like people who work behind computers.

These, of course, are general rules of thumb. However, each person is different, and at Muscle Freedom we understand what the best course of action is in regards to treatment. We give you tools and stretches to help with your ongoing health and wellbeing.