Muscle Freedom’s cancellation policy explained

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Muscle Freedom’s cancellation policy explained

Things happen in life, and we understand that sometimes clients can’t keep an appointment. However, we seem to be experiencing an increase in last-minute cancellations and ‘no shows’ of late, sometimes without any reason provided by the client.

In this article, we explain our cancellation policy and why we ask clients to respect our time.

What is Muscle Freedom’s cancellation policy?

We kindly request that you give us 12 hours’ notice when cancelling your appointment.

For last-minute cancellations within the 12-hour period, we reserve the right to ask for 50% of the treatment fee.

We feel this is an extremely fair policy.

Why is there a cancellation policy in place?

Our therapists are self-employed, which means they only get paid when they are actually massaging. The 12-hour cancellation period gives them time to potentially fill gaps and recoup the loss of income when clients cancel. This also allows us to accommodate people who are on the waiting list for appointments.

How is the policy enforced?

The decision about whether to pursue payment is at the therapist’s discretion and depends on the circumstances involved. Where last-minute cancellations are reasonable and unavoidable, often our therapists will not ask for payment.

However, when last-minute cancellations or ‘no shows’ start to happen repeatedly, we encourage our therapists to politely remind clients about the importance of honouring treatment times and pursue payment.

Luckily, most of our clients understand why we have this policy in place, and many offer to pay the cancellation fee without being prompted. Here’s an example.

Recently we had a client insist on paying for the treatment he had just received as well as the one he’d cancelled a few days earlier. It was an early morning spot, and he had only provided two hours’ notice. The client said he understood that we were running a business, that it was unreasonable to assume the therapist could fill the early morning spot, and that he appreciated the therapist’s time. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

The moral of the story…

Please give us 12 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or rearrange your appointment. That way, we know you respect our time as much as we respect yours.

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