New Sports Therapist: Meet Tim

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Sports Therapist

New Sports Therapist: Meet Tim

We are super excited to introduce our newest sports therapist to Muscle Freedom, Tim Webber. Tim has an advanced diploma in sports therapy and is also a gymnastics coach. We know you are going to love his technique, so please book in for a treatment with Tim soon! 

Why did you become a sports therapist?

I started doing coaching and that led me to think more about how the human body works. I originally was placed to do sports science, but then I saw the sports therapy course which was more rehabilitation-based and included the massage stuff. That jumped out to me, rather than being hands-off.

How would you describe your treatment style?

Being from a gymnastics background, I like to add stretching to my treatments. Strength work also comes from the gymnastics side of things. I like to provide education and take-home exercises for people to do as well.

Do you do cupping and dry-needling?


What are your career highlights?

I worked for the Melbourne Football Club (doing massage) for a few years, and that was really fun. Earlier this year, I volunteered with the 2018 World Cup Gymnastics event at Hisense Arena. I didn’t get to treat much, but I got to watch some great gymnastics!

What are you likely to discuss on the table?

Sport in general. I like football, gymnastics, bike riding and skateboarding.

What’s your secret vice?

Chocolate is a big one. I have lost some self-control with that recently.

How are you feeling about starting at Muscle Freedom?

I’m a little bit nervous but ready for something new. That’s the most exciting part about it and getting to work with new people.

To book in with Tim or another sports therapist, please give us a call on 9598 4873 or use our online booking tool.