Common questions about your remedial massage treatment

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Common questions about your remedial massage treatment

At Muscle Freedom, we’re committed to proving the best service possible. In this blog, we share answers to the most common questions we receive at the clinic.

1) Should I come to my treatment if I am unwell?

No, please cancel your appointment. When you have a remedial massage treatment, it often amplifies the symptoms of the illness your body is fighting, as it stimulates the lymphatic system. It is not uncommon for people to feel light-headed and bilious after a treatment, which is not what you want if you are already feeling sick. It’s also tricky to treat someone who has a runny nose or cough, and there is the hygienic element of spreading bacteria. Please rest up and rebook if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms.

2) I’m not sure who to see. Can you help?

Our remedial massage therapists are all fully qualified and have several years’ industry experience under their belts. For a full description of each therapist’s skills and areas of expertise, head to the About Us section. If you’re still unsure, please give us a call to discuss your needs.

3) Why is it so difficult to get in some weeks?

While we do our best to accommodate all of our clients, we are a busy clinic, and some weeks we do book out completely.  To avoid disappointment, it’s a good idea to book three or four treatments in advance at your next visit, in order to secure a spot.

4) What’s the best way to book?

We are often tied up doing treatments when you call, so the best way to book is to go to the website,, and use the online booking tool. That way, you can see which appointments are available, and we will send you a courtesy reminder about your upcoming treatment.

5) Why do you recommend several treatments?

Often the issue we are trying to treat is like an iceberg and what you see or feel on the surface is nothing compared to the underlying problem. It can take several treatments to really have an impact on these muscular conditions. Once you’re on track, we may only maintenance every few months.

6) What is the cancellation period?

The cancellation period is 12 hours. This gives our therapists time to try to find a replacement to fill the spot.

If you have another question, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re alway happy to help. Take care, and see you at your next remedial massage appointment!