Sports injury recovery: 4 Therapeutic experiences to try in Bayside

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Remedial Massage

Sports injury recovery: 4 Therapeutic experiences to try in Bayside

As an athlete, injury is just one of those things that seems to go hand in hand with sport participation. However, it can be a major setback, especially if it affects your training and goals. In this article, we share 4 therapeutic experiences available in Bayside that may assist with sports injury recovery. Disclaimer: shameful self-promotion included.

Float Tank

Unwind and give your muscles some time out with a float session at Liquid Room. You float effortlessly, free of all external distractions, including light and sound. This popular treatment may assist with sports injury recovery, as it takes the pressure off tired and sore joints and muscles. It also boosts circulation, which may help with healing, while the epsom salts in the water contain magnesium – a muscle relaxant. 191 Bay Rd, Sandringham. Website:

2 Infrared Sauna

Bayside Melbourne offer rejuvenating full-spectrum infrared sauna sessions in Beaumaris. For those with sports injuries, the heat allows your muscles to relax and can relieve tension and spasms. These treatments are also great for detoxing, purifying the skin, and improving circulation. 111 Charman Road Beaumaris. Website:

3 Salt Therapy

This therapeutic treatment is great for sports recovery, as it eases inflammation in the lungs, allowing your body to increase oxygen delivery into the bloodstream and recover from exercise quicker. Salt therapy can also help with asthma, allergies, eczema, hayfever, and cold and flu symptoms. At Salts of the Earth in Hampton, clients kickback in a salt room whilst inhaling the good stuff. 473 Hampton St, Hampton. Website:

4 Remedial Massage for sports injury recovery

We couldn’t very well leave ourselves off the list, now could we? Remedial massage involves the assessment and treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. At Muscle Freedom, sports injury recovery is our area of expertise.  In fact, many of our therapists are athletes themselves, and know firsthand the kinds of problems sportspeople face. 115-117 Bluff Rd, Black Rock. Website:

We hope we’ve inspired you to take some time out for YOU! If you’re looking for advice about sports injury recovery, we’re here to help! Please book in for a treatment today!