Getting to know our remedial massage therapists

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Getting to know our remedial massage therapists

For new clients, it can be tricky to know which remedial massage therapist or myotherapist to see at Muscle Freedom. While all of our therapists are talented, each has his or her own special treatment style. In this article, we peel back the layers to share a little more about our team.

Emma Bruce

Myotherapist, Emma Bruce

Myotherapist, Emma Bruce

Our first introduction is for our ridiculously talented myotherapist extraordinaire, Ms Emma Bruce. She has more than a decade’s experience in the wellness industry, and has a huge fan-base at Muscle Freedom. In her own words, this is how she rolls…

Speciality: Trigger-point release work to help muscular pain and dysfunction.

Treatment style: Deep-tissue massage incorporating dry needling if required.

Likely to discuss: Game of Thrones and who is going to die. Otherwise, solving the world’s problems within an hour.

Secret vice: Lindt balls or going out for reaaaaaallly good cake with cream.


Damien Finn

Next we have Damo, one of the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet. Damo has his own special technique that combines western and eastern health models.

Speciality: Still discovering that really… I guess I’m the guy you go to for deep work and to be stretched out.

Remedial massage therapist, Damien Finn

Remedial massage therapist, Damien Finn

Treatment style: A hybrid of traditional Japanese and western bodywork. It typically involves tsubo work (trigger / pressure points), active and passive stretches, myofascial releases, alignments, cupping and various oriental and western soft tissue techniques. I don’t use needles, preferring acupressure and cupping alongside remedial massage. Currently I am studying water-based body work as well.

Likely to discuss: Often waxing lyrical about all sorts of things; people’s passions / interests, food, music, books, philosophy, the state of the world, TV series / movies, sometimes deep & meaningful discussions, sometimes nonsense and laughter, while other times I’m serene and quiet… sometimes all in one session! It all depends on the client and the connection at the time.

Secret vice: Lately it’s drinking gin while playing (learning) ukulele or shooting monsters on Destiny PS4.


Kerrie Baumgartner

Looking for someone who can relate to your sports injuries? Kerrie has achieved elite standards in three sports – Athletics-800m, Triathlons and Cycling. She has quickly developed a keen following at Muscle Freedom.

Speciality: Neck pain and sports-related maintenance and injuries.

Remedial massage therapist, Kerrie Baumgartner

Remedial massage therapist, Kerrie Baumgartner

Treatment style: It’s very individual and the treatment is tailored to the injury or issue. I do cupping and dry needling only when needed with remedial techniques, but usually try to incorporate some niceties so it’s not all pain, it’s enjoyable too.

Likely to discuss: Every client’s personality and interests are different, so often I let them take the lead as to whether they want to chat or be quiet, because it’s their time. I like to share knowledge about injuries, rehab and self-maintenance.

Secret vice: I have to agree with Emma about Lindt chocolate. Being ¼ Swiss, I’ve been bred on Lindt chocolate. Mum always used to have Lindt balls around the house and I got addicted. I’m a fan of cosmos and champagne too – anything sugar-related, really.


Tom Black

He’s our newest team member and the man with the incredible track record – Mr Tom Thumb, ahem, we mean Black. If you haven’t experienced one of his treatments, you haven’t lived!

Remedial massage therapist, Tom Black

Remedial massage therapist, Tom Black

Speciality: Working with clients who are looking to achieve a specific goal.

Treatment style: I adapt as required. Every client is different so you have to adjust the treatment to suit their needs.

Likely to discuss: Competing for the Isle of Man in the Commonwealth Games in 2010 with cycling ace Mark Cavendish. Just kidding! I’ll ask loads of questions and sometimes repeat them, but it’s key to finding out everything about the client.

Secret vice: Coke (shhhh… I tell everyone I don’t drink it).


Sam Noble

Last on the list is Sam Noble, Muscle Freedom’s owner. He’s a remedial massage therapist to some pretty big sporting names and is annoyingly often booked out for weeks in advance.

Speciality: Long-term chronic injury and dysfunction, sports injuries and prevention.

Remedial massage therapist, Sam Noble

Remedial massage therapist, Sam Noble

Treatment style: Deep-tissue massage incorporating dry needling, myofascial cupping, myofascial blading and cold spray stretching.

Likely to discuss: Everything and anything. It’s hard to shut him up.

Secret vice: Drinking beer while channelling Daniel Ricciardo on my race car simulator.

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