Drum roll please… we have a new kid on the block

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Hello Bayside - Kerrie Baumgartner

Drum roll please… we have a new kid on the block

We are thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Kerrie Baumgartner.

With 9 years’ experience under her belt, Kerrie uses a range of techniques, including cupping and dry needling, to achieve fantastic results with clients.

She is known for her deep-tissue expertise, but tailors each massage to the specific needs of the client.

“I started off doing PE, and then went into Sports Development for several years, before completing a counselling course for elite athletes,” Kerrie said.

“There weren’t many jobs in that, so that’s when I went into remedial massage.

“I love the fact that remedial massage facilitates healing, and it’s a positive industry in the sense that people are always pleased to see you.

“If you can help people feel better, even spiritually, it’s very rewarding and I love dealing with different types of people – it keeps you stimulated.”

Kerrie said competing in elite 400m and 800m events, triathlons and cycling had given her invaluable insight into the needs of her clients.

“I can guide my clients not to make the same mistakes I did,” she said, with a laugh.

“For example, with the first two sports, I wasn’t maintaining my body enough, I virtually got no massage and I really wasn’t doing enough background work.

“I can relate well to clients who are competing and talk to them about how to prepare.”

Outside of work, Kerrie loves being outdoors, swimming, going on nature walks and being active.

She also admits to having a mild case of OCD and a penchant for cleaning and rearranging things, but promises not to crack the broom while treating you!

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