6 things you might not know about our therapists… Part 2

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Western Australia

6 things you might not know about our therapists… Part 2

At Muscle Freedom, we like to treat our clients like an extended family, and being family means knowing the good, the bad and the ugly about each other. The next victim in our series about our therapists is Emma.


If I wasn’t a massage therapist I would be…

Either a Naturopath or a Midwife! I have always been fascinated with how the body works, life and health so I would have to flip a coin between these 2 occupations. If I was a midwife I would love to dedicate some time to traveling overseas to work as a volunteer.


Who’s the most interesting person you have met?

Good question, I have found some of the most incredible conversations I have had are actually by the massage table! While I don’t have too many brushes with fame to share, I have discovered through work that every person is exactly the same. Everyone has experiences and a story to share, especially when you have an hour of time to chat.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

I am a complete sucker for cream. Whipped cream on scones, pouring cream on chocolate pudding, cream on pavlova. My cream to dessert ratio is pretty high!


Early night or night owl?

Definitely early night! A late night for us is 10pm and you often hear “let’s have an early night” in our house…even though we are always in bed by 9.30pm (might have something to do with having a 9 month old baby also!)


Favourite country?

After spending 3.5 years working in the Pilbara I feel that every Australian should experience the red dirt and endless blue skies of our outback. The contrast in colours is breathtaking and while you could be in the middle of near where and on your own there is a really beautiful warmth about the country. Not to mention swimming in the natural gorges – incredible!! And it is all literally in our backyard.


What inspires you?

People chasing their dreams and creating a life that they want to live rather than conforming to social pressures. You only want to work 3 days a week?? Go for it! Sell everything you own to travel overseas with your young family?? Amazing! I love seeing people making the most of the now and creating their daily happiness by doing what the hell they want!