5 reasons to treat your teenager to a remedial massage

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Studying for an Exam

5 reasons to treat your teenager to a remedial massage

Most of us adults can remember the anguish of exam week. The sleepless nights spent studying until ungodly hours, head bent over the books, eyes straining to see the words, brain exploding from overuse. School exam time can be stressful for teenagers, and often parents wonder how they can help. In addition to providing support and good food, you can assist by shouting them a remedial massage treatment. Here are 5 reasons why it’s one of the best gifts you can give your teenager at exam time.

1) Stress reduction.

Remedial massage reduces one’s stress levels. During the treatment, your body releases endorphins, the brain chemicals that give you a feeling of wellbeing. At the same time, nasty stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol decrease. Winning!

2) Improved circulation.

Massage improves circulation and stimulates blood supply, while also enhancing lymphatic drainage and helping your body to clear waste. After a treatment, people often feel relaxed, yet energized. This is the perfect combination for young minds trying to learn a whole lot of new information in a short time frame.

3) Increased joint mobility and flexibility.

Regular remedial massage breaks down adhesions in the muscles, and restores the body’s range of movement by releasing the muscle tension around the joints. Teenagers who spend long hours studying can suffer from neck and back pain, as well as conditions like forward head carriage. We can diagnose any muscular issues and sort them out, pronto.

4) Boosted immune response.

When teenagers are stressed about impending exams, they are more likely to catch bugs that are going around. Clinical studies have shown that regular remedial massage helps strengthen the body’s immune system response. Why? As mentioned, massage reduces stress hormones, thereby allowing the immune system to function the way it should.

5) Enhanced skin tone.

Acne. It’s the dreaded curse of those teenage years and during stressful times, it is prone to flair up. But remedial massage may help. It improves the appearance of one’s skin, as it helps to eliminate toxins from the body and oxygenate cells.

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