5 tips for getting the most out of your remedial massage

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Sam Noble Drinking Water

5 tips for getting the most out of your remedial massage

Having regular remedial massages is a great investment in your long-term health and wellbeing. Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your treatment.

1) Guzzle H2O

Remedial and sports massages are dehydrating, so it’s important to drink several glasses of water afterwards to rehydrate and flush out the metabolic waste in your system. Kneading muscles gets fluid pumping out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads toward your kidneys. That’s why many people have to use the toilet right after a remedial massage.

2) Avoid exercise

Make sure you hit the gym before your treatment, rather than afterwards. Working out after a remedial massage will cause further stress and strain to the muscles. Deep-tissue massages can cause micro-tearing to the fibers, and the muscles need time to heal. We recommend taking it easy for 24 hours.

3) Work on your posture

The benefits of having regular remedial massage can be easily undone by bad posture. Ensuring your workplace is ergonomically sound and maintaining correct posture at a computer minimises stress on the spine, and reduces the likelihood of injury, headaches, shoulder pain and lower back pain. For more tips on ergonomics, click here.

4) Invest in a decent pillow

Is your pillow beginning to resemble a pancake? It may be time to invest in a contour pillow. These gems offer more support for the body and can help alleviate back and neck pain. Side-lying sleepers should ensure their pillow is fitted correctly so that the spine is as straight as possible. Back sleepers need a pillow that supports the cervical curve but does not compress the anterior muscle at the front of the neck. Muscle Freedom offer a full range of Denton’s pillows, individually custom-fitted.

5) Skip the post-massage coffee

As mentioned, remedial massages are dehydrating, so it’s important to avoid caffeine temporarily. Drinking coffee post-massage can also tense the muscles that have just been relaxed. Opt for a herbal tea, or more water.

That’s the end of today’s lecture. But remember, a few simple measures can help you to experience the full benefits of remedial massage and myotherapy.