A case study of how remedial massage and stretching can keep you active

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A case study of how remedial massage and stretching can keep you active

MEET Frank.

At 77 years young, Frank does not let age get in the way of doing the things he loves.

When Frank isn’t in the garden tending his vegetables or chopping wood, he can usually be found on the golf course perfecting his swing.

So how has he managed to stay in such great shape and keep his body in peak condition?

Frank’s recipe for success is a combination of regular remedial massages, chiropractic adjustments, stretching and core strengthening techniques.

“I really believe that people should do something to help themselves,” he said.

“I think you can rely on other people to do things for you, but you also have to do the hard work as well.”

In addition to receiving monthly massage and chiropractic treatments, Frank performs a strict 20-minute regimen of core strengthening exercises religiously each morning.

It includes techniques such as planking to strengthen his core, and a variety of lumbar and hip flexor stretches.

Frank said he had never felt better.

“I’ve been doing the exercises now for about six months and ever since, I’ve had no more back aches,” he said.

“I couldn’t recommend them enough.

“Massage has really helped too, because it not only makes you feel good, it also gives you more flexibility and movement.”

At Muscle Freedom, our therapists are happy to provide advice about stretches and exercises to help prevent neck and back pain.

Ask for more details at your next treatment.

PS. Does Frank remind you of anyone?